Re: Tamil Script and Tamil Grantha Script differences

From: Poopathi Manickam (
Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 14:26:42 CDT

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    >N. Ganesan wrote:

    >>Likewise.. one cannot.. possibly.. write the word India (as it is in
    >>Tamil: Indhia)
    >>in Sanskrit or Hindi.. because Hindi (Sanskrit ) has no equivalent for
    >>the Tamil letter இ.. (i or the short e)

    > Devanagari has good equivalent of Tamil letter இ (i)
    > etc.,
    > N. Ganesan

    That's right.. Dhevanaagaari version of Hindi has it...
    not only short-e but also ohm-haaram.. digit zero (!)
    nja.. za.. (not that Tamil ciRappu zha-haram)
    and (partial) aaytham wtih a twist... [ Aharam + : ]**

    And..that's purely because of the strong Jaina/Buddhist
    influence over the ages... (Naagari schools..otherwise
    known as paLLi in Tamil..?)

    Well.. I was talking about Sanskritised Hindi here....

    Thanks for your comment/corrections....

    Poopathi S. Manickam
    That's why Visarga is "not" a Tamil Aaydham..
    Aaydham is a stand alone character and as we all know
    very well.. it's not a modifier either...

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