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Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 11:33:14 CDT

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    Dear All

    i hope u all must be joying your positions at present iamworking on a web
    application in unicode (urdu) at present i am working on email editor to
    email in unicode urdu i have designed front end and will use .net smtp
    assembly for backend functionality,i have installed urdu regional settings
    component with phoenetic keyboard on my pc its all right but the problem
    is when i email,recepient recieve it in the form of garbage like folowing
    line i am writing it in pure urdu

    میرا نام فراز ھے اور میں نے ایم سی ایس کراچی یونیورسٹی سے کیا ھے

    n i m not sure as to which format u guys recieve this line i thought to
    supply phoenitic keyboard dll and my font as a package so that end user may
    read in urdu after proper installation but this idea wont work also cos i
    email myself and open on the same machine i recieve it too in the form of
    garbage do you guys have solution? pls let me know cos deadline have to
    elapse soon, n i found noway to get rid of this situation.i change my
    browser settings to utf-8 encoding its all right for some email servers like
    hotmail and netscape but some websites like yahoo and gmail doesnt support
    too pls tell me the solution if any one know

    Faraz Siddiqi
    IGT & E (C/G) GHQ Ministry of Defence Chaklala Cantt Rawalpindi
    0300-5348722 0333-2604790

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