Full Unicode Computer Keyboard

From: Hans Aberg (haberg@math.su.se)
Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 11:47:31 CDT

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    Are Unicode keyboard input methods discussed on this list? The
    fastest method for a large character set (like Chinese), is
    supposedly that one types some identifier of the character, and the
    computer successively shows the possible matches. When one sees the
    right character appear, one selects it.

    Such an input method might relate to the discussion here about the
    correctness of character names. A Unicode keyboard input method, for
    standard keyboards, might be as follows:
    - First one hits the button, indicating that a new Unicode character
    is to be input.
    - One then types metacharacters A-Z plus space on the keyboard, and
    the computer displays possible character name completions, possibly
    with some other identifiers, such as a number or the Unicode
    character number.
    - When there is only one match, one hits "enter"; alternatively, one
    types the displayed number, and hits "enter".

    I think it is interesting to think about the method above, because it
    then becomes practically important to get character names and aliases
    correct. The method might also be refined, so that one can type say
    the name of a script, and get that implemented onto the keyboard.
    This would then admit quick script changes, without having to
    specially adapt the keyboard.

       Hans Aberg

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