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From: Neil Harris (
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 10:55:53 CDT

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    Hans Aberg wrote:

    > Are Unicode keyboard input methods discussed on this list? The fastest
    > method for a large character set (like Chinese), is supposedly that
    > one types some identifier of the character, and the computer
    > successively shows the possible matches. When one sees the right
    > character appear, one selects it.
    > Such an input method might relate to the discussion here about the
    > correctness of character names. A Unicode keyboard input method, for
    > standard keyboards, might be as follows:
    > - First one hits the button, indicating that a new Unicode character
    > is to be input.
    > - One then types metacharacters A-Z plus space on the keyboard, and
    > the computer displays possible character name completions, possibly
    > with some other identifiers, such as a number or the Unicode character
    > number.
    > - When there is only one match, one hits "enter"; alternatively, one
    > types the displayed number, and hits "enter".
    > I think it is interesting to think about the method above, because it
    > then becomes practically important to get character names and aliases
    > correct. The method might also be refined, so that one can type say
    > the name of a script, and get that implemented onto the keyboard. This
    > would then admit quick script changes, without having to specially
    > adapt the keyboard.

    You will probably have to find a name with a safer acronym, though.

    -- Neil

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