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From: JFC (Jefsey) Morfin (
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 19:48:53 CDT

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    At 00:08 11/05/2005, Hans Aberg wrote:
    >What I mean is that it might not healthy expecting te computer keyboard
    >input to be able to supply the needed context in each key. It might be
    >faster to enter French without accents, letting the computer software
    >figuring them out, while retaining the ability to enter them in special
    >case by more complicated key combinations.

    OK. But this is not what I am thinking of. I am thinking about industrial
    applications and legal obligation to support the users langages of the
    concerned area. I took the example of French not being fully supported by
    keyboards, only to document the difficulty Donald might face with languages
    of a region of Africa. Innovation is pushed by sales necessity. If pemit to
    sell is granted only if matching the demands of the users of reasonable
    size market, innovation will come.

    Donald's suggestion on led based keyboard is a good one. This calls for two
    efforts. The key technology and the key content tables. To call for the
    industrial key technology, R&D teams must feel secure charsets have been
    established and documented (to define the number of keys for example). The
    same for the law makers.

    Today, we can certainly start working/testing about charsets in using touch
    screens as you describe it. There are enough industrial and security issues
    involved to justify R&D and prototypes if there is a clear doctrine. In
    rough and secure, or vital environments the touch screen issue you desribe
    are no problem. It is here vital there is no possible hacking and errors.
    Very limited charsets are of the essence: telephone numbers, upper cases, etc.

    For example I need a table of all the numbers (0-9) in every script for
    directly entering IP addresses and converting them and only them. Such a
    table should exist in the 102 scripts?

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