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Date: Fri May 13 2005 - 16:47:01 CDT

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    At 00:25 +0400 2005-05-14, Alexander Savenkov wrote:

    >Indeed the Glagolitic script encoding proposal by Mr. Everson and Mr.
    >Clemenson contains a number of errors and inaccuracies.

    Dr Cleminson is professional Slavic linguistics, and the Glagolitic
    proposal was reviewed by many specialists.

    At 06:27 -0500 2005-05-13, Alexander Kh. wrote:

    >And hence, the ordering of letters should not be taken from Greek ordering.

    The order of the letters in the code table is traditionally found in
    numerous materials.

    >This is the ordering of all 45 letters as they teach in Seminary:

    There are different extant orders. The one we chose may be a bit of a

    The order of the characters in the code table cannot be changed.

    >1.One letter is missing: it is letter Uk that looks like this:
    >(two overlapping circles one on top of another with a stick coming
    >from the middle to the right side of the letter).

    If a character is really missing it may be added.

    >2.Another major concern: variants of the glyphs. There are not
    >many of them so why not include them into the standard?

    Because they are just glyph variants.

    >Major font makers include them anyway, so why should they stay in an
    >"illegal" status?

    There is the character/glyph model to consider.

    >The difference is that letter Kako means "how" and the one with missing
    >part has a function of question connotation in the sentence, replacing
    >need of a question mark which was not there originally.

    If you can be more specific, offline, perhaps there is a case to be made.

    >missing letter Init' (i with double dots in Cyrillic)

    If you can be more specific, offline, perhaps there is a case to be made.

    >3. So-called "Spidery Ha" is called Ho'lmo'

    Western scholars call it Spidery Ha, but we would be interested in
    seeing evidence for a more specific name.

    >4. Everson's letter i is actually "izhe", it's numeric value is 20;
    >5. Everson's letter INITIAL IZHE is actually "init", numeric value 10;

    I will ask Dr Cleminson for his view on this.

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