Re: Cyrillic guillemotleft and guillemotright

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Sat May 14 2005 - 05:29:20 CDT

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    At 09:39 +0100 2005/05/14, Michael Everson wrote:
    >At 01:35 +0200 2005-05-14, Hans Aberg wrote:
    >>My Merriam-Webster's dictionary mentions
    >>guillemot as a bird and guillemet as the
    >>symbols << and >>. It says that the latter is
    >>the French irreg. dim. of Guillaume William,
    >>reputed name of its inventor.
    >The Irish name for those is "liamóg", a
    >diminutive of Liam, which is derived from
    >William. :-)

    Both guillemot and guillemet are French irreg.
    dim. of Guillaume William. So the fellow
    apparently made more than one thing in his life.

       Hans Aberg

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