Re: what is Latn?

From: JFC (Jefsey) Morfin (
Date: Sat May 14 2005 - 20:07:14 CDT

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    On 21:02 14/05/2005, Chris Jacobs said:
    > > Could someone tell me where to find the list of the characters
    > > belonging to ISO 15924 "Latn" script?
    >When I first read this question I mistook ISO 15924 for the name of the
    >"Latn" script, but Google enlightened me.
    > > I wish to know if they support all
    > > the French characters and variants?
    >Since Latn is a script, not a charset, you cannot expect an authoritative
    >list of what is in it, but there is a list of which unicode chars are Latin,
    >where Latin is Latn or Latf (Fraktur variant) or Latg (Gaelic variant).

    Dear Chris,
    you are right. But the combination of ISO 639, ISO 3166 and ISO 15924 is
    the matter I consider. I see no big problem in piling more or less precise
    or erroneous lists: this hurts no one and permits the main vendors to
    proceed to their world market repartition. Now, the problem is when one
    discusses the possibilty of a default script associated to a language: does
    the script exist? ISO 15924 is a list of script names. I cannot associate a
    name to a language name without some kind of correspondancy rule I can
    check. I think reasonable to say that I can associate the name of a script
    to the name of a language if they share identical charsets when using (all)
    the encoding scheme(s) accepted by the programmers community?

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