Re: Mathematical Greek Alphanumeric Symbols

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Mon May 16 2005 - 05:28:20 CDT

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    At 00:53 +0200 2005/05/15, Philippe VERDY wrote:
    > > De : "Hans Aberg" <>
    >> Already in the eighties, mathematicians started writing papers
    >> without any handwritten intermediates. It depends much on what you
    >> do. Sometimes paper is needed, but as computers becomes better in
    >> representing and handling math, less use of paper is needed.
    >Computers will be handy only for making finalized documents. But for
    >day-to-day use, it will often be much faster to do the work with a
    >paper and pen (except for repeative calculations for which you'll
    >create a program or macro, or you'll use a basic calculator to
    >compute the various divisions, powers, logarithms and so on...).

    In order to deflate this issue, people will do it differently. Some
    will prefer paper and pen, others a computer, or a combination
    thereof. The choice will not only depend on the person, but on the
    circumstances. Math is no exception, the same thing applies to any
    type of authoring, music, text, etc. Artists use to speak about a
    media. The computer as a media should be be made easy to use. Unicode
    has a role in helping that come true in the case of authoring.

       Hans Aberg

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