Re: Corrections to Glagolitic

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Tue May 17 2005 - 10:46:40 CDT

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    Michael Everson a écrit :

    > At 14:18 -0700 2005-05-16, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    >> I agree that it might have been possible to make some choices that
    >> resulted in a somewhat more consistent adaptation for the Unicode
    >> names of Glagolitic characters, but given the artificial constraints
    >> of using only A-Z in character names, the Unicode character names
    >> can't generally be relied on as
    >> transliterations, anyway.
    > I agree too. For what it is worth, our Slavicist experts, and our
    > linguistic experts in SC2 and UTC all approved the names, however
    > imperfect they may be.
    This is of course, I suppose, what has happened with all prior
    characters whose name later caused problem : they were approved.

    >> If your concern is primarily how to correctly translate "INITIAL"
    >> into French for the French name of U+2C0A, my suggestion would be to
    >> let yourself be guided by your scholarship, unless Michael has any
    >> other insights into the origin of the name.
    > Both characters are natively called "izhe". We named one of them
    > "initial izhe" because it tends to be used in initial position.

    Thanks. The only concern left here is whether it is « parlant » as we
    say in French. Would someone knowing Glagolitic know immediately which
    character this is (I have asked an Austrian contact and he may well say
    yes this is perfect ;-) and everything will thus be fine with this
    character (not convinced about the "spidery ha" though).

    P. A.

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