Re: Glagolitic Case-sensitive? What in the Heavens for?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 07:44:50 CDT

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    At 03:39 -0500 2005-05-18, Alexander Kh. wrote:

    >Please tell me someone, why in the heavens, making destinction between capital
    >letters and normal letters in Glagoliza? Who's idea that was?

    Traditional Glagolitic texts, as well as Western linguistic
    publications, show case in Glagolitic is used with case. In
    traditional materials, sometimes it is only the initial letter in a
    paragraph which is enlarged. Faulmann 1880 gives casing alphabets in
    both "Bulgarian" and "Illyrian" font styles. In most, but not all of
    the examples, the capital is simply an enlarged version of the small

    >I strongly suggest to remove that extra layer of confusion by making
    >Glagolitic script without capital letters, which are exactly same
    >glyphs anyway.

    Characters once encoded cannot be removed (which you should know if
    you have read the FAQ on this site; if you do not, please do read it).

    It was not a mistake to encode Glagolitic capital letters, which are
    attested in use.

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