Glagolitic Case-sensitive? What in the Heavens for?

From: Alexander Kh. (
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 03:39:18 CDT

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    I did not touch this issue the first time for I did not want to seem too picky.

    Please tell me someone, why in the heavens, making destinction between capital
    letters and normal letters in Glagoliza? Who's idea that was?

    The glyph shapes seem to be the same and there are no capitalization rules for
    that script. Let's add case sensitivity to Runic and hieroglyphic scripts for
    the sake of consistency in introduction of confusion.

    Did not years of experience show how much confusion capital letters create even
    in Latin script: the sorting algorythms, which are ones of the most expensive
    processor-use-wise, have to be more complex because of that. Also this issue of
    case-sensitivity is widely-spread one in every programming language or script,
    and in any place where registration is required you have to watch for that, if
    the login and password are case-sensitive.

    I strongly suggest to remove that extra layer of confusion by making Glagolitic
    script without capital letters, which are exactly same glyphs anyway.

    When ASCII was designed they had only text screens with only one font, and a lot
    of "extra" character space. Today, there is no need to go far to make a letter
    look larger in the beginning of sentences for the sake of Typographic precision
    when digitizing a baroque-style book. In fact, that is the only use for capital
    letters in Glagolitic script, and I strongly urge not to make this historical
    mistake now, for the historical mistakes tend to repeat forever.

    My best regards,

    Alexander Kh.

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