Re: Glagolitic Case-sensitive? What in the Heavens for?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 12:41:34 CDT

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    Alexander wrote:

    > Please tell me someone, why in the heavens, making destinction between capital
    > letters and normal letters in Glagoliza? Who's idea that was?

    And in addition to Michael's response, which reflects the facts
    about Glagolitic, there is the compatibility requirement.
    One of the main reasons Glagolitic was encoded in Unicode was
    to ensure mapping to ISO 6861, a preexisting ISO standard,
    developed by TC 46. *That* standard has a distinction between
    uppercase and lowercase Glagolitic letters.

    So if you wish to make rhetorical points about whose silly idea
    casing for Glagolitic was, you could pursue TC 46 committee members
    from a decade ago. This wasn't some innovation invented this
    year by the Unicode Technical Committee.

    > I strongly suggest to remove that extra layer of confusion by making Glagolitic
    > script without capital letters, which are exactly same glyphs anyway.

    As Michael indicated, this is already in the standard.

    You do not "remove [an] extra layer of confusion" in a standard
    by deleting things after they are already in the standard.
    Acting that way *creates* confusion and interoperability
    issues for a standard, and would be a road to causing failure
    in use of the standard, rather than helping anything.


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