Re: what is Latn?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 11:35:59 CDT

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    From: "JFC (Jefsey) Morfin" <>

    > Funny thing, that you are so unaware of Microsoft products and clients.
    > You did not know about non ASCII programing environment, now that. Please
    > ask your people from Word the compromise they found to support question
    > marks at the end of a sentence, obliging all of us to rephrase if Word
    > wants to put it at the beginning of the next line :-) Best that the
    > Unicode lacks, but not perfect.

    Word does not put the question mark at the next line; in fact it is smart
    enough to insert a non-breaking space before the question mark in French
    text, so that it will remain attached with the preceding word. Also if users
    don't want that Word performs that itself, they can still press Ctrl+Space
    to insert the non-breaking space before striking the question mark. There's
    nothing wrong there in Word, and not even in Unicode which correctly
    describes the behavior of non-breaking spaces...

    Please also look at this documented datafile in the Unicode UCD for your
    questions related to character partition by script:

    Then reconsider your position by looking on the documented correspondance
    between ISO 15924 codes and script labels used in the UCD:

    Look at the "Property Value Alias" column which refers to the script code
    aliases also defined in the UCD!
    Look for lines starting by "sc ;" where the second field is the short code
    from ISO15924, the third field is the legacy long property value used in
    Scripts.txt in the UCD.

    What do you want more?

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