Re: ASCII and Unicode lifespan, and the Deseret alphabet

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Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 09:21:34 CDT

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    Peter Kirk <> writes on Fri, 20 May 2005 14:18:59 +0100

    >> Perhaps Deseret had a very small amount of more serious use from the
    >> short time when it was promoted for actual use, but its current use
    >> seems to be for fantasy only.

    On the subject of the Deseret alphabet, I'd like to point out a recent
    article documented below. It may be accessible online for those
    readers with suitable library subscriptions, but otherwise is
    available in the book that is part of the widely-known Lecture Notes
    in Computer Science series. Most large academic libraries should have
    a copy. I just successfully downloaded an electronic copy while
    writing this posting.

    I met the author for the first time at the conference where the work
    was first presented. I live in Salt Lake City where the Deseret
    alphabet began, the author is an American computational linguist
    living in France, and the talk was given in Greece to a diverse
    international audience with participants from Europe, North America,
    China, and India, and Unicode figured heavily in many of the
    conference presentations.

    My university was originally called the Deseret University, the oldest
    state university in the US west of the Mississippi.

    I found both the talk and the article most interesting. The author
    told me that `new' (1855--1875) Deseret material turns up from time to
    time, and he has enjoyed helping to analyze it.

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