Re: ASCII and Unicode lifespan

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 10:24:56 CDT

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    On May 20, 2005, at 8:46 AM, Andrew West wrote:

    > This document was created a few years ago, prior to acceptance of
    > Deseret into Unicode, so it is not actually encoded in Unicode, but it
    > is a text document. It would be nice if John could produce HTML
    > versions of these texts encoded in Unicode.

    Yes, I really should do that one of these days. *sigh*

    BTW, I think where we're running aground is on the use of the term
    "fantasy script." I'd define that as a writing system developed
    initially (if not primarily) for use in a fictional universe. This
    would include Tengwar and Klingon, but it would leave Deseret and
    Shavian out of the running, because they were intended for a real use
    in our largely non-fictional universe.

    John H. Jenkins

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