Re: ASCII and Unicode lifespan

From: Andrew West (
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 09:46:21 CDT

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    On 20/05/05, Peter Kirk <> wrote:
    > On 20/05/2005 13:53, James Kass wrote:
    > >From: Peter Kirk <>
    > >
    > >> >>Well, Klingon has been rejected, but Deseret and Shavian have been
    > >>encoded although I am unaware of any non-fantasy use of these scripts,
    > >>and Tengwar and Cirth, which are certainly fantasy scripts, are roadmapped.
    > >
    > >Why do you consider Deseret and Shavian to be fantasy scripts?
    > >
    > Are either of them actually used except in fantasy type situations?
    > Perhaps Deseret had a very small amount of more serious use from the
    > short time when it was promoted for actual use, but its current use
    > seems to be for fantasy only.

    John Jenkins has produced Deseret versions of the Doctrine and
    Covenants and Pearl of Great Price in PDF format (downloadable from
    <>). Given that
    Deseret was created for writing Mormon texts this document can hardly
    be seen as a "fantasy" usage of the script, and I am sure that John
    considers it to be a serious usage of the script.

    This document was created a few years ago, prior to acceptance of
    Deseret into Unicode, so it is not actually encoded in Unicode, but it
    is a text document. It would be nice if John could produce HTML
    versions of these texts encoded in Unicode.

    James' own Unicode-encoded Deseret sample at
    <> is also not a
    "fantasy" usage of the script.

    If you ask me, current use of the Latin script by certain members of
    this list seems to be for fantasy only.


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