Re: other human language vehicle coding

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Wed May 25 2005 - 13:00:57 CDT

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    At 18:57 +0200 2005/05/25, JFC (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:
    >Many human information are carried through different "languages"
    >than those supported by words and characters.
    >Are they characters or terms? How to code their meanings and
    >representation? Is there a way to sort them? How register them for
    >easier searches?

    Unicode is restricted to registering abstract characters. But if you
    can pin down a human activity in terms of characters, usable for
    printing, it might be registered with Unicode. For example, Unicode
    contains notes of music. Similarly, notes are used in dance or car
    rally driving. If these were formalized enough, I guess they might be
    added to the Unicode character set as well. Similarly if symbols were
    developed for say movie and theater scripts, expressing basic human
    emotions, then that could be added. And so on.

       Hans Aberg

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