other human language vehicle coding

From: JFC (Jefsey) Morfin (jefsey@jefsey.com)
Date: Wed May 25 2005 - 11:57:13 CDT

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    Many human information are carried through different "languages" than those
    supported by words and characters. Messages, usually strong and important
    are carried that way? Ex. Road Signs. This may be gestures, icons, signs,
    noise, etc.

    Ex. VV is associated to Viva. This can be carried as two V's. But "Down
    with" is expressed with two reversed V's. How to express that?
    Ex. Beard has often carried a very precise meaning in many societies. How
    to code that message expressed by a person. The same with different
    gestures we all know to express welcome, interrogation, insult, love
    propositions, etc.

    More and more multilingual codes are to be known by everyone. The problem
    is that these modern hieroglyphs are documented by ISO 7000 at an expensive
    cost and not in an easy XML/ASN.1 compatible online format.

    Are they characters or terms? How to code their meanings and
    representation? Is there a way to sort them? How register them for easier

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