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    I invite Alexander Kh, without the anti-Christian bias bred into us by modern
    culture, to name a few destroyed identities, to each of which we can reply
    with an opposite identity building, liberating or other influence. Or shall we
    talk about early medieval Chinese Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism? We could
    go on a long time and not make much progress in our anti-Christain
    crusade--even dismantle it. In fact, cultivating peace and respect for one
    another now would be much more productive.

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    Alexander Kh. wrote:

    > In defence of "illiterate" Slavs, let me remind you that Christianity for
    > centuries has been destroying identity of many nations. Look for example
    > the movie Braveheart: in it there is a mention that bagpipes were outlawed
    > in Scotland of the time of William Wallace.

    Hollywood films really are not a good basis for making arguments about
    history. That said,
    Braveheart is accurate in portraying Wallace and his fellow Scots as
    Christians. The
    banning of bagpipes by the English had nothing to do with religion. Indeed,
    one of the
    points that the (devout Catholic) director and star of the film makes is that
    the English
    king is a godless man driven only by power and greed, while Wallace -- and the
    Scottish king, Robert the Bruce -- are godfearing men.

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