Re: Nuuchanulth and other languages of British Columbia

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Sun May 29 2005 - 13:45:52 CDT

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    At 13:33 -0400 2005/05/29, William J Poser wrote:
    >I'm not aware of any trend for people to change their
    >writing system due to the greater ease of using IPA symbols
    >or other "exotic" characters.

    I am not sure what your scope is here. But
    worldwide, and historically, there are many such
    trends. For example German can be expressed both
    with letters , , and equivalents ae oe and
    ue, and I think that the latter probably are used
    mainly when the former are not available. The
    Swedish letter , (a with circle above it) was
    introduced by a reform long ago; slowly, it has
    been adopted in Denmark, even though they perhaps
    prefer an AA ligature. I was just reading some
    articles in the Swedish Academy Word Book, SAOB
    <> and notes that
    some words have funny spellings to modern users
    because of past failed spelling reforms.

    So I think those language reforms are taking
    place. Changes can take place gradually, so that
    they may not appear as visible, and they can take
    place quickly, via explicit reforms, if there is
    a controlling language body.

       Hans Aberg

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