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Date: Sun May 29 2005 - 13:28:55 CDT

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    The Nuuchahnulth language does not require any lowercase letters outside

    p t c č ƛ k kʷ q qʷ
          ʷ  ʷ
    s š ł x xʷ  ʷ ḥ h
    m n
    y l ŋ w ʕ
     
      

    i – ii u – uu e – ee (o – oo) a – aa

    This is the orthography which is being taught in schools and is used in
    Notice that the ejective-apostrophe (U+0313) is supposed to go on top of
    the č, but it is often placed after the letter because of the fonts they
    have been using. The same goes for t, ƛ, and l.

    A more important issue with this language and others along the west coast
    of Canada is capitalisation. There is currently no capital form for the
    t-lambda ligature ‘ƛ’ in Unicode. Also, if there is a capital for the
    glottal stop ʔ, then there ought to be one for the reversed ʕ.

    There is some confusion in this and other languages between ł, ɫ and ɬ.
    They are treated as variants of the same letter, but which Unicode
    character to choose? I believe the standard for Nuuchahnulth is ł, but ɫ
    and ɬ often appear in texts.

    Chris Harvey

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