Re: Nuuchanulth and other languages of British Columbia

From: James Cloos (
Date: Sun May 29 2005 - 14:32:19 CDT

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    >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Harvey <> writes:

    Chris> The Nuuchahnulth language does not require any lowercase letters
    Chris> outside Unicode.

    Of the ones you listed, 15 were private use chars. (I’ve appended
    _U+02B7 to the three that had a ʷ appended in the chart.) They are:

    U+F6AB, U+F729, U+F72B, U+F79B, U+F79B_U+02B7, U+F7AB, U+F7BB,
    U+F7CB, U+F7DB, U+F7EB, U+F7EB_U+02B7, U+F81B, U+F83B, U+F843,
    U+F843_U+02B7, U+F893

    I’m curious what whose were supposed to be.


    James H. Cloos, Jr. <>

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