Re: Arabic encoding model

From: Bob Hallissy (
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 10:21:00 CDT

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    On 2005-07-03 10:52:44 PM asadek wrote:

    >But how would 066E + 065A appear and behave typographically differently
    >0756? This is after all a character encoding not a pronunciation one.

    Ideally, 0756 can accept a vowel combining mark, whereas 066E+065A should

    This is not the only situation in Unicode where two sequences *are
    different* but don't *look different*

    BTW, to take up a previous question of yours:

    >Why encode, version of Unicode after version of Unicode,
    >new Arabic characters which could be coded as a base and
    >a combining mark (why no THREE DOTS ABOVE/TWO DOTS ABOVE)?

    SIL thought so too. In fact we made a detailed proposal on just this
    approach not very long ago. Part of the rationale for our proposal was
    exactly your concern: that it will take a long time for the Arabic
    character repertoire to finally be complete. In our opinion it would be
    much better to switch to a dynamic composition model including the various
    dot patterns, etc., than to have a continuous trickle of new characters
    being added to the standard year after year.

    However, in the end, the proposal was rejected.

    My reason for bringing this up is to let you know that there is no
    possibility of further progress in this direction. The technical merits,
    costs, and risks of the approach have been fairly presented and evaluated,
    and the decision made. There is nothing to be gained at this point from
    pushing on this button. It is far better to spend our energies to
    document, propose, and thus standardize all the still-needed Arabic


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