RE: Missing capital H from Unicode range (see 1E96)

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 10:47:38 CDT

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    > > I don't know about anybody else's software, but in MS software both
    > > would be assumed to be handled by using appropriate glyphs from a
    > > suitable font.
    > I'm afraid there's some confusion here. Although a font might
    > contain a glyph for a character that does have a code position in
    > I don't think that's what we can normally expect; the number of
    > that can be represented using combining diacritic marks is _huge_.
    > Is there a font that contains a glyph for "H" with line under?
    That's not a relevant question; rather, you should be asking whether
    fonts contain glyphs that can represent H with line under.
    > > Well, I'm not sure what software or version of Arial Unicode MS
    > > using. In current MS software, it comes out perfectly fine:
    > The image you included looks like _lowercase_ h with line under to me.
    My error. The uppercase H with line displays with the line slightly too
    far to the right, but not so much to say it "looks rather bad".
    > What I get for U+0048 U+0331 using Arial Unicode MS version 1.01 on MS
    > Word 2002 under Windows XP has the line under on the right (sorry for
    > writing "left" in my original description), not nicely centered under
    > "H". My experiences with MS Word, WordPad, and Internet Explorer for
    > different combinations of a base character and a combining diacritic
    > have never yielded anything but a "mechanical" composition, as if the
    > character were printed, printing position backspaced, and a fixed
    > diacritic (in a shape and position that does not depend on the base
    > character) overprinted. Maybe I just didn't try hard enough, or
    > enough.
    Two things: first, you had made comments about current software. Word
    2002 is not the current version. Secondly, you might find better results
    using fonts designed to handle dynamic mark placement. Arial Unicode MS
    does do this to some extent, but it was intended primarily as a fallback
    Peter Constable


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