Re: mapping files from OBSOLETE directory

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sun Jul 10 2005 - 17:28:38 CDT

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    Subject: mapping files from OBSOLETE directory

    > I have a question about files available in the OBSOLETE directory on
    > While the mapping data regarding CJK characters in files like
    > JIS0208.TXT can be taken from Unihan.txt, it isn't possible to get the
    > proper mapping values for other, non-CJK characters. Where can I find
    > the canonical, official mappings? Assuming that national
    > organizations like JIS or KS provide this information, wouldn't it be
    > a good idea to provide those mappings from the Unicode site too?

    But in the OBSOLETE directory _is_ a mapping which includes non-CJK chars:

    Here you find e.g. that:

    0x43 0x0043 # LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C

    I guess this mapping is as official as you can expect in an OBSOLETE dir.

    > Werner

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