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From: Rajeev J Sebastian (
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 13:56:27 CDT

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    On Monday 11 July 2005 12:36 pm, Chris Jacobs wrote:
    > > True enough, but then you still have to trust the software and answer
    > > the question "how do I know that I know?". Most people in the world are
    > > not capable of writing a perl script. And suppose you have a document
    > > being passed around and proofread by people using a variety of software.
    > > How can you be sure the encoding doesn't get munged somewhere along
    > > the line? The simplest and most reliable way (IMO) is to have a
    > > transparent proofreader's font of some kind.
    > If you insist on doing it the wrong way then use UniPad.
    > That has a built-in font that does what you want.
    > But get it _now_ before this error is repaired :-)
    > {quote}
    > Combining characters are handled rather simple in the current version of
    > UniPad. They are rendered as spacing characters in the way they are
    > depicted in the Unicode code charts. For example the accent character
    > U+030C COMBINING CARON is depicted as and occupies a character position
    > like any other character. The dots indicate a placeholder for a base
    > character that should combine with the accent.
    > Normally U+0072 LATIN LETTER SMALL R and U+030C COMBINING CARON should be
    > rendered as ř.
    > However with UniPad the characters are displayed separated as r ̌.
    > The current implementation does not allow automatic combination of
    > combining characters with the base characters. This will change in a future
    > version of UniPad.
    > {/quote}
    > [ I could not copy the ř and the r ̌ well, but anyway, they look
    > differently.]
    I think MS Word (or some Microsoft product) has an option to show the text
    "split" up into individual code points so that,

    ക്ക = ക + ് +ക

    I guess Peter Constable could verify this.

    Rajeev J Sebastian

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