Handling of Combining Characters

From: Chris Jacobs (chris.jacobs@freeler.nl)
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 07:36:18 CDT

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    > True enough, but then you still have to trust the software and answer
    > the question "how do I know that I know?". Most people in the world are
    > not capable of writing a perl script. And suppose you have a document
    > being passed around and proofread by people using a variety of software.
    > How can you be sure the encoding doesn't get munged somewhere along
    > the line? The simplest and most reliable way (IMO) is to have a
    > transparent proofreader's font of some kind.

    If you insist on doing it the wrong way then use UniPad.
    That has a built-in font that does what you want.
    But get it _now_ before this error is repaired :-)

    Combining characters are handled rather simple in the current version of
    UniPad. They are rendered as spacing characters in the way they are depicted
    in the Unicode code charts. For example the accent character U+030C
    COMBINING CARON is depicted as and occupies a character position like any
    other character. The dots indicate a placeholder for a base character that
    should combine with the accent.

    Normally U+0072 LATIN LETTER SMALL R and U+030C COMBINING CARON should be
    rendered as ř.
    However with UniPad the characters are displayed separated as r ̌.

    The current implementation does not allow automatic combination of combining
    characters with the base characters. This will change in a future version of

    [ I could not copy the ř and the r ̌ well, but anyway, they look

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