Re: Regarding Correct Display of Extended Latin Devanagari

From: Andrew West (
Date: Tue Jul 12 2005 - 11:03:18 CDT

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    On 12/07/05, Peter Constable <> wrote:
    > From: [] On Behalf Of Chetan Pandey
    > >The Font I have specified is "Western".
    > I'm not familiar with this font, so I can repro your results or determine for certain the cause of your results.

    "Western" is presumably the charset, which you can select from a
    dropdown list on the toolbar in WordPad. I f I use WordPad with its
    default charset ("Western") and default font (plain old "Arial") and
    paste in n/m + \u0307 I get exactly the same boxed effect that Chetan
    describes. If you select the text and change to a Unicode font such as
    "Arial Unicode MS" then everything displays fine. Probably Chetan does
    not have "Arial Unicode MS" on his PC, but there are plenty of Unicode
    fonts available (e.g. Code2000 or Doulos SIL) that will do what he


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