Re: are Unicode codes somehow specified in official national linguistic literature ? (worldwide)

From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2006 - 03:32:31 CDT

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    What is the status of the locale data for Romanian in Romainia? Ideally this
    should reflect the orthographic and typographic rules/conventions for the

    Don Osborn
    PanAfrican Localisation Project

    Quoting Steve Summit <>:

    > Cristian Secară wrote:
    >> I like to know how are the linguistic rules in other countries versus
    >> Unicode specifications. NOT technical standards, but academic books.
    >> Specifically: here in Romania, there are two reference books, one that
    >> treats (among other things) the Romanian alphabet...
    >> The problem is that there is no "modern" approach in these books.
    >> Characters and signs are visually represented...
    > On the one hand it could be argued that, since these references
    > have nothing to do with computer representation, there would be
    > no reason for them to touch on any Unicode mappings or definitions.
    > But on the other hand it could be argued that since computers are
    > so ubiquitous today, virtually all text can be expected to be
    > entered into computers, meaning that any precise reference on
    > alphabet issues has an implicit responsibility to talk about
    > character set mappings, and today the right mappings to discuss
    > are unquestionably to Unicode.
    > I don't know about national linguistic standards, but I have a
    > suggestive example from a similar field. Years ago, I was doing
    > some work with the IPA (the International Phonetic Alphabet), and
    > I had to devise my own mapping tables between IPA and Unicode.
    > Today, however, the documents describing IPA produced by the
    > International Phonetic Association (the body which defines IPA)
    > all include official, explicit cross-references to Unicode.
    > Clearly it would be nice if the Linguistic Institute of the
    > Romanian Academy could be persuaded to take the same approach.
    > (But as to how to persuade them, I have no idea.)

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