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Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 00:46:33 CST

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    Addison Phillips wrote:
    > Actually, work is underway to incorporate ISO 639-3 codes (the ones you
    > find in Ethnologue) into the language tags used as a basis for locale
    > identifiers in CLDR. The standard for that currently is RFC 4646. The
    > effort to extend it is the IETF's LTRU working group. Some of these tags
    > are already registered as "grandfathered" tags in the IANA language tag
    > registry.
    > To participate in this effort, you'll need to subscribe to the working
    > group's mail list. See:
    > Basically, the Chinese dialects will be handled as "extended language"
    > subtags in language (and thus locale) identifiers. You'll see tags such
    > as "zh-cmn-TW" for "Mandarin".
    > To see the current state of this effort, see:
    > Hope that helps.

    yes, it did...

    is there any timetable for implementing this RFC for locale tags?
    I just read the rfc4646bis-02... may I assume that this is the latest
    revision of the rfc?

    According to this the following should be approriate:
    zh-nan-Latn-TW (Minnan using Latin script in Taiwan, aka. POJ)
    zh-nan-Hant-TW (Minnan using traditional Hanzi in Taiwan)
    zh-hak-TW (Hakka in Taiwan)
    i-ami-TW (Amis in Taiwan)

    Would that be correct?

    Thanks for all the answers so far. :)


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