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Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 18:29:54 CST

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    A good comment on the suitability and usability of Unicode for linguists is this quotation from John Wells, President of the International Phonetic Association:
    “Unicode is marvellous. It makes it possible for phoneticians throughout the world to use all manner of phonetic symbols in their work and display them on computer screens in the certainty that they will not now be garbled or turned into wingdings (as once used to happen all too often). All alphabetic phonetic symbols officially recognized by the International Phonetic Association are now included in the Unicode Standard.”
    (See for other quotations.)

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    Dear all,
    I am sure there are some linguistic scholar on board of this mailing list. Do you currently see any limitations of the current version of Unicode apart from the fact that there are still some writing systems that haven't been ported to Unicode. Well to be PC, I mean non-official writing systems and obsolete writing systems.
    I talked with a linguist friend from Germany once and he was absolutely unaware of Unicode and was sticking to the good old product he was using. Didn't give the name of the product though? Anyone knows?

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