Re: U+3401

Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 18:54:55 CST

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    Dear Shohji Itah,

    As you say the Morohashi numbers are only given for original unified
    block in Unihan.txt, and that no numbers whether as kMorohashi or
    kIRGDaiKanwaZiten are given for Extensions A, B, or C.

    Does anyone know a table of Morohashi numbers for Extensions A,B or C?

    John Knightley

    Quoting Shohji Itoh <>:

    > Hello.
    > Now on newer Unihan.txt
    > I can not find Morohasi Num of U+3401,
    > but the U+3401 char were registed @00039 in the
    > Morohasi Dict Vol.01 - 284p. (Ten( {- Tem )).
    > So now I feel that
    > the char in Ideographs Ext.A
    > must be named on Sino-Japanese all,
    > with some way.
    > And want to get same way
    > about Ext.B & Ext.C too.
    > How you feel about them ..?
    > Anyway, we must input about 70000 char._s
    > in FEP to use the all char._s on our PC !
    > Shohji Itoh.

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