Re: Arabic ligatures and vowel signs

Date: Wed May 02 2007 - 10:20:58 CST

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    Andreas wrote on 02/05/2007 16:29:02:

    > However, the practice seems to be quite different.
    > The other typefaces show the joining of lam and alif
    > but no ligature.

    Lam-alef ligature is always required. Typefaces that fail to show the
    ligature if there is a combining mark between are not correct. Most likely
    the designers were not anticipating combining mark on the lam.

    > What is the general situation? In Windows Vista?

    The correct rendering is a cooperative effort between Uniscribe and the
    OpenType tables in the font. Uniscribe in Vista is fully capable of
    handling lam-mark-alef if the font is implemented correctly.

    The fonts at will handle this case.

    > Should we omit any mark between lam and alif
    > for the time being?

    No -- you should handle it properly.


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