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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue May 08 2007 - 14:16:01 CDT

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    Right, this topic is a big too hot, with really too many submissions for me
    to follow what is discussed here so most of them are simply deleted after
    fast read and not archived like the rest of this mailing list, given that
    all arguments for or against it have been said, and only a few will be
    interested if they have a power to decide on the subject.


    It does not matter who is for or against it, the only important thing is
    what are the arguments, and what does it change for users of the Unicode
    standard. For me it is now clear that the character has an established usage
    for titles, street and place names, people names, and so on, even if it has
    various implementations or proposals for its glyph, and if it is not part of
    the current German orthography (lets not forget other regional Germanic
    languages that use this letter too, and that dont have to follow the
    standard orthography for the standard High German language of Germany).


    Regarding your evidences of use of this symbol, the best that can be done is
    to post the URLs to photos and documents in the Unicode bug report, so that
    these documents will be available to the UTC working group when theyll
    decide about its encoding, semantics, and usage issues (including character
    properties and special case mappings).




    Mark Davis wrote :

    I'd request that people keep the same subject header on the and related
    topics; otherwise I have to keep adding new subjects to my email squelch

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