RE: Religous symbols (Re: Uppercase ...)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 14:31:29 CDT

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    Petr Tomasek wrote:
    > BTW, how is it with encoding other religous symbols?
    > I missed e.g. a symbol for calix...
    > I recall there was a consent to encode more symbols (not
    > just the religious one) into unicode (but not into BMP or SMP).
    > Are there any proposals (or at least list of possible symbols)?

    Other possible symbols: crowns, palms, keys, medals, tigers, eagles,
    heraldic symbols, and other symbols of honor, ... which may be used as
    ideographic qualifiers within text.

    But some of them are regulated and not permitted for general use, as they
    are logograms (defined and protected by law), or sometimes completely banned
    in general publications (except for very strictly limited usage).

    Some religious (sects) and political movements are also protecting their
    symbols with copyrights (so they are not encodable) and will not even accept
    variants of these logos linked to the name of their movement. Even the
    simple naming of the character in a standard may be outrageous.

    At least, the only symbols that should be encoded are those defended by a
    community or organization that has a legal existence in at least one
    country, and that has a recognized legal right to use the symbol or logo
    without having to ask to another person owning the associated rights, and
    that accepts it for use in general applications by anyone.

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