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Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 15:40:01 CDT

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    Is the AK-47 used as a decoration of the alif in the symbol of Hisbollah
    up for being encoded? Perhaps under a mnemonic code a la "U+1AC47" or


    Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > Petr Tomasek wrote:
    >> BTW, how is it with encoding other religous symbols?
    >> I missed e.g. a symbol for calix...
    >> I recall there was a consent to encode more symbols (not
    >> just the religious one) into unicode (but not into BMP or SMP).
    >> Are there any proposals (or at least list of possible symbols)?
    > Other possible symbols: crowns, palms, keys, medals, tigers, eagles,
    > heraldic symbols, and other symbols of honor, ... which may be used as
    > ideographic qualifiers within text.
    > But some of them are regulated and not permitted for general use, as they
    > are logograms (defined and protected by law), or sometimes completely banned
    > in general publications (except for very strictly limited usage).
    > Some religious (sects) and political movements are also protecting their
    > symbols with copyrights (so they are not encodable) and will not even accept
    > variants of these logos linked to the name of their movement. Even the
    > simple naming of the character in a standard may be outrageous.
    > At least, the only symbols that should be encoded are those defended by a
    > community or organization that has a legal existence in at least one
    > country, and that has a recognized legal right to use the symbol or logo
    > without having to ask to another person owning the associated rights, and
    > that accepts it for use in general applications by anyone.

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