"Geography of World Cultures" class at Stanford

From: Eric Muller (emuller@adobe.com)
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 16:48:46 CDT

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    Stanford University is offering a class "Geography of World Cultures" as
    part of the continuing studies program (abstract below). This class is
    also offered as an enhanced podcast at itunes.stanford.edu.


    Geography of World Cultures (GEOG 03)
    Despite the supposedly homogenizing effects of globalization, people 
    continue to be joined together and divided asunder by the languages they 
    speak, the religions they follow, and the ethnic identities to which 
    they belong. Such cultural features all have specific geographies, tied 
    to particular places. But while cultural-geographical terms such as “the 
    Arabic world” and “the Islamic world” are used ubiquitously, many people 
    remain uncertain where such “worlds” are and how they differ from each 
    The purpose of this map-intensive course is to explore the locational 
    dynamics of the world’s languages, religions, and ethnic groupings. We 
    will examine every world region, seeking to understand how places vary 
    from each other with regard to the cultural attributes of their 
    inhabitants. The course will explore the historical forces that have 
    generated cultural diversity, and will carefully examine the processes 
    of contemporary transformation.

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