Re: num of Ideographs U+????? = D?????

From: Shohji Itoh (
Date: Mon May 28 2007 - 08:47:14 CDT

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    > Is there some specific individual or group, or mailing list, where Shohji
    > might more productively send this large and ongoing amount of corrective
    > material? I really don't know what I or most of the other subscribers to
    > the general Unicode mailing list can be expected to do with it.

     To use the 70000 characters, by phonetical typeing with each languages,
     we must view dictionary to registing all readings with easily.
     I talled you that I want to know the Morohashi nums with Unihan.txt about
    ExtABC area too.
     But you said that its in future can be typed.
     So we looked up some tables and the one is most simple and is an answer.
     I think that if you use the one to registing in Unihan.txt, its most
     If we use the one, its more quickly but with un-formal, and that have
     Unicode = Morohashi is one form of data style that you unicode org made to
     But now we can get them about ExtABC in where ? You could tell me an answer
     I found an answer and told that and tell some correctings.
     Its not a working for your knowledges ?
     I can feel that you CAN SAY SO, but I don't know your MEANING.
     Can I ask about them to you ?
     And can you tell me some the another better or the best way to do that for
    the with us ?
     I heard that the CNS11643 got deep relations from Morohashi Dict to build
     I think that so unicode hava that too, too. Unicode Ideographs thables have
    no that all ?
     Anyway Unihan.txt is an important formal data file by unicode org and its
    have no their morohashi nums for many yet.
     And can say that the one have all but some errors, so we can't use that
    now. So I tald that its its a work for knowledge.
     If I have the next way, its a better line to do working like that, or its a
    better formal file by unicode org,
     or only unsubscribeing like some of you feel needing like that.
     You said CAN SAID SO, but I don't know that you MUST SAY WHAT at the next
     Please tell me that.

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