Re: Some Fonts can view Compatibility Ideographs Suppliment on MS ?

From: Shohji Itoh (
Date: Mon May 28 2007 - 09:11:17 CDT

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    From: "Philippe Verdy" <>
    > The support for characters in the supplementary ideographic planes will
    > not work on all PCs by default without adding software.

    I downloaded and installed newer Unifonts.exe from in yesterday.
    I found that can call shapes on normal editors too.
    The bug (can not view characters in supplementary areas) can called to some
    primitive level errors in Fonts.
    So its not on "support" or "adding software".

    > So ask to "MS and benders", not to Unicode here! This list is not a "MS
    > and benders" support service.

    You shouted to me so, and don't say sorry to now.
    You must be tell on this line that why you can do so.

    To now 2 men shouted to me on public this line,
    so I shouted to the men, if I must to say sorry, I want to here their SORRY
    on this line.

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