Re: num of Ideographs U+????? = D?????

From: Shohji Itoh (
Date: Mon May 28 2007 - 12:26:21 CDT

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    > correct the errors in his or her own copy of Unihan.txt
    I don't know what is the best or more better.

    > UTC or IRG.
    In truth, I don't know what the UTC & IRG, ( and etc. and U ) but
    I heard that, the typer of that file, he is starting to add IRG meetings in
    next week.
    ( I think that he can developeing with the "IRG" (that the socitety that I
    said I don't know what) and can build ( and add and correct ) some good for
    And I send correctings about that to him at first, and re-edit to only
    us-ascii_strings for this line.
    He is so busy, but corrected older cases, but about the another cases my
    corr is first in some mean.
    I can't use the CVS system for checking update of web files (don't know how
    to use the WinCVS etc),
    so I can't check and tell updates of that.
    If you know more perfectly datas, when you tell me that, I can feel happy
    Sorry, and thank you Sir.

    Oh I can't stop my most poor strings about that, OK ? or not.
    Correcting 9:
    D40118.0 DR165 DS04 U+28910 -} U+25E44 ( U+28910 = 從采 : U+25E44 = 從釆 )
    > dkw2ucs.txt

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