Re: non-terrestrial writing systems

From: Daniel Yacob (
Date: Thu May 31 2007 - 09:56:01 CDT

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    This is an amusing notion. Wouldn't we all be tickled to death if the
    first extra-terrestrial contact came in the form of a character encoding
    request? :-)

    Is the "Universal Character Set" merely planetary? To prepare for the
    inevitable and insure that the standard can be truly universal; perhaps
    Unicode and other standards orgs can rework their charters so as not
    to be implicitly earth-bound. The ISO for instance could become the
    Intergalatic Standards Organization. All parties have to go through
    the same standardization process, and we don't want our extra-terran
    friends excluded on a technicality.

    Does the ISO have something like a 3166 standard for planets, stars,
    galaxies, etc? Perhaps the International Astronomy Union covers that.
    I think we have our first feature request for CLDR 1.6 ;-)

    To infinity and beyond!


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