RE: non-terrestrial writing systems

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu May 31 2007 - 15:03:36 CDT

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    Daniel Yacob wrote:
    > Is the "Universal Character Set" merely planetary? To prepare for the
    > inevitable and insure that the standard can be truly universal; perhaps
    > Unicode and other standards orgs can rework their charters so as not
    > to be implicitly earth-bound. The ISO for instance could become the
    > Intergalatic Standards Organization.

    Who do you want to include in that organization? You can't create any
    charter that would be acceptable by others that you have never met! An
    organization only works with the collaboration of their members, and
    adaptation of the common charter through negotiation. If you don't even know
    the other members, where they are, and why it would be beneficial for you to
    accept them, there's absolutely no way to "prepare" yourself, as every thing
    would be rejected the first time you meet them!

    Stop speculating on things that still do not exist anywhere. Return to the
    Earth: there are still many millions of people and tens of thousands of
    cultures to serve!

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