RE: [OT]non-terrestrial writing systems

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Date: Thu May 31 2007 - 16:02:19 CDT

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    One could start right in New Mexico, after all: . Just
    don't use those characters willy-nilly - wrong combination might get us all
    into big trouble.

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    > Daniel Yacob wrote:
    > > Is the "Universal Character Set" merely planetary? To prepare for
    > the
    > > inevitable and insure that the standard can be truly universal;
    > perhaps
    > > Unicode and other standards orgs can rework their charters so as not
    > > to be implicitly earth-bound. The ISO for instance could become the
    > > Intergalatic Standards Organization.
    > Who do you want to include in that organization? You can't create any
    > charter that would be acceptable by others that you have never met! An
    > organization only works with the collaboration of their members, and
    > adaptation of the common charter through negotiation. If you don't even
    > know
    > the other members, where they are, and why it would be beneficial for
    > you to
    > accept them, there's absolutely no way to "prepare" yourself, as every
    > thing
    > would be rejected the first time you meet them!
    > Stop speculating on things that still do not exist anywhere. Return to
    > the
    > Earth: there are still many millions of people and tens of thousands of
    > cultures to serve!

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