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Date: Sun Sep 30 2007 - 02:01:50 CST

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    DT> Paragraph can contain phrases, which need to be noted by
    DT> other colour, size, underlining, weight or oblique drafting -
    DT> let's name these phrases as _fractions_ (fractions can not be enclosed).
    DT> Besides that, it's hardly to imagine modern text without hyper-links.
    DT> Thus we come to special signs for text, like "<" and ">" in html.
    DT> Let's enter control symbols __"beginning of region" and "middle of region"__
    DT> before each fraction, and control symbol __"end of region"__ after each fraction.
    DT> And let's enter special binary structures _"byte-predictor" and "fractional record"_
    DT> between "beginning of region" and "middle of region". I.e.

    DT> text<BytePredictor,FractionalRecord>fraction</>text

    DT> where <, >, </> are "beginning of region", "middle of region", "end of region".
    DT> Byte-predictor consist of 6 bits: 3 of them specify,
    DT> that parameters "color", "fontsize", "number"
    "number" is identifier of hyper-link;
    this identifier is transfered by hardware to program,
    when user click fraction.

    DT> present in fractional record,
    DT> and next 3 bits specify, that fraction is underlined, bold, oblique.
    DT> Fractional record consist of field "color", "fontsize",
    DT> "number" and has variable size:
    DT> fields "color", "fontsize", "number" can be in it or not be -
    i.e. can present or absent

    DT> it's depends of value of identical bits of byte-predictor
    DT> (if they are equal to one, then appropriate field exists in fractional record).
    DT> If these fields exist, then they specify colour, font size and number of fraction. I.e.

    DT> <BytePredictor,color,fontsize,number>fraction</>

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