Brackets and integrals: behaviour of rasterizator

From: Dmitry Turin (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2007 - 02:18:09 CST

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    Good day.

    Obviously, that brackets and mark of intergral should be control symbols:
    opening brackets (, [, {, mark of integrals (simple and circular )
    should be equal to next symbol by height,
    and closing brackets ), ], } are equal to previous symbol by height.

    As it was already said for signs 'root' and 'fraction':
    AF> If text display software wants to autorecognize math expressions and display
    AF> them according to the linear format, that would be just fine - as long
    AF> as it's optional
    And such behaviour of text display software is possible also for
    sign of brackets and intergrals.

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