RE: Brackets and integrals: behaviour of rasterizator

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 01:52:08 CST

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    Dmitry Turin wrote:
    > Obviously, that brackets and mark of intergral should be control symbols:
    > opening brackets (, [, {, mark of integrals (simple and circular
    > )
    > should be equal to next symbol by height,
    > and closing brackets ), ], } are equal to previous symbol by height.

    This is already the case in plain-text using the linear notation that is
    almost standardized.

    Also for mathematics, using math formula renderers like TeX or LaTeX you can
    do that with "\left(" and "\right)" (substitute parentheses with other

    See MANY examples on any edition of Wikipedia where MathML is heavily used
    in almost all articles with mathematical topics. Start by the mathemetics
    category or portal of each wiki...

    The MathML or TeX notations are widely understood and well supported, their
    implementation in many popular websites like Wikipedia, or well known
    word-processors (like Microsoft Office/Word or Openoffice) is a proof that
    this use is not restricted to only official scientific papers published by

    Unicode also includes decomposed characters for composing them in plain-text
    using 2-parts or 3-parts glyphs over several successive lines, using a
    monospaced font, because they were present in legacy charsets. This works
    very reliably for example in emails typically rendered with monospaced

    So that's much enough to satisfy all needs! We really don't need more
    characters for them.

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