Re[2]: Brackets and integrals: behaviour of rasterizator

From: Dmitry Turin (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 13:26:46 CST

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    >> Obviously, that brackets and mark of intergral should be control symbols:
    >> opening brackets (, [, {, mark of integrals (simple and circular
    >> )
    >> should be equal to next symbol by height,
    >> and closing brackets ), ], } are equal to previous symbol by height.
    PV> The MathML or TeX notations are widely understood and well supported, their
    PV> implementation in many popular websites like Wikipedia, or well known
    PV> word-processors (like Microsoft Office/Word or Openoffice)
    As i already wrote:
    cost is not payment for modification of already written software,
    cost is payment for realization of redundant algorith in future software.

    And plain text does not need whole heavy (!) programming library to render,
    it needs only little programming code.

    PV> So that's much enough to satisfy all needs!
    Needs is to refuse from heavy programming library
    (which is developed for _sophisticated_ mathematic expressions).
    And this needs is not safistied still now.

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