RE: Re[2]: Root and fraction (2 new symbols)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 01:31:06 CST

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    Dmitry Turin wrote:
    > What is the "emoticons" ?

    Most probably a forgotten translation from French. In English, it's more
    frequent to see them named "smileys", however the emoticon designates the
    icon that is displayed and replacing the ASCII-Art smiley.

    So this is the for example the small smiling icon generally circular,
    representing a simplified funny face, and filled in yellow, that replaces
    the string ":-)".

    Emoticons are often animated (represented as GIF images).

    Other emiticons are assigned names rather than ASCII-Art encodings, for
    example ":boum:" in a French service could be replaced by an emoticon
    showing an exploding bomb. The same emoticon would be encoded in plain text
    within an English service using the syntax ":bang:"

    If you've not seen them, look at online chat services or many online forums
    where they are quite frequent, and automatically inserted from the input
    text after parsing (users can most often post on these services while
    enabling or disabling the conversion of these recognized "smileys"-like
    substrings into emoticons, by setting their user preferences or checking
    some box in the input form)

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