Re: Public Review Issues: several closing today

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2007 - 11:13:23 CDT

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    Note that the closing dates are to allow feedback before the subsequent
    Unicode Technical Committee meeting. The committee will consider the public
    feedback that it has received, and the comments from the membership. It
    doesn't have to advance a proposed update if there are still open issues.

    The UAXes do have a timetable, since they have to be ready for Unicode 5.1.
    However, they will have one more round before they go final, at the UTC
    meeting early next year. The later they are in the cycle the harder they are
    to change, so the earlier the feedback is in, the better.

    So, if you think there are problems in the text, then you should file a
    public review form with your concerns. The most effective feedback states
    clearly -- and concisely -- what each problem is, and if possible, what a
    recommended change to the text to fix the problem would be.

    The review period date for #10 was announced as
    > Due date for comments to the current draft is: 2007/10/16.
    so the date on is incorrect and will need to
    be fixed. And certainly if there are issues that depend on the interaction
    with documents, those can be filed as well.


    On 10/11/07, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
    > I hope that the two UTS updates whose reviewal is closed today will be
    > considered jointly, because they do interact:
    > - UTS 10 (UCA) : for matching characters (see section 8.)
    > - UTS 18 (Regular expressions) : currently very weak at definining the
    > level
    > of matching (characters? Default grapheme clusters like in UTS 10? Or
    > collation elements, the most generic case that contain both definitions,
    > depending only on the tailoring of locales).
    > This has caused lots of different interpretations and discussions here. If
    > UTS 18 is too restrictive, it may break UTS 10 rules for matching strings
    > (independently of the advanced string matching that UTS 18 provides for
    > alternations and additional conditions, so that regexp searches should
    > still
    > be an extension of UTS 10 for string matching, permitting everything that
    > UTS 10 already provides).
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    > > This is just a reminder that the review period for several open Public
    > > Review Issues is closing today. If you have comments for official UTC
    > > consideration, please post them today by submitting your comments
    > through
    > > our feedback & reporting page:
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